Willes are on tour again

Our Wille caravan touring around the North America consists of Willes and comprehensive selection of work attachments. If are visiting road maintenance conferences or trade shows lately, there's a good chance you may see us live as well. If so, come say hi to us and learn more about Wille!

During the last months we have participated in following events:

  • American Public Works Association PWX trade show in Orlando, FL
  • Public Works Association British Columbia 2017 Technical Conference and Trade Show in Penticton, BC
  • New England Public Works Expo in Boxborough, MA
  • SWIFT Conference 2017 in Halifax, NS
  • Alberta Public Works Association 20th annual Equipment Roadeo in Red Deer, AB

Stay tuned for more information about events we will be participating in - or use the form below to book us for a Demo!