The name is a sign

This machine is your trusted player in the renovation of street and park areas 365 days a year. Exceptional in its size category, the front loader which belongs to the standard equipment of the machine, makes Wille 375 a very versatile tool without any loss of agility. Thanks to the loader with extensive outreach and a comprehensive selection of work attachments, this one single machine is capable of more than a mini-tractor can do. The flow control of motor hydraulics eases the control of work attachments in various situations. An access platform can be connected to the Wille 375 for work that is done at higher elevations, such as replacing lights or cleaning chutes.

Wille 375 feature image

An office with a view

Ergonomic, comfortable, good visibility – this is what a good cabin is made of. In Wille’s cabin, you can easily reach the functions you need in the course of your work. The operator has free visibility towards the work attachment in the front, and it is easy for him/her to see around through the side and rear windows. Our customers have appraised the cabin as neat and finished. Do you agree? Experience the cabin yourself in the 360-degree presentation in the picture gallery!



Reach Higher

The Wille 375 is a combination of the agility of a small and the outreach of a large machine with the front loader as standard equipment. The front loader makes the machine more versatile: for example in winter you can plough snow, pile it up to high masses or load it on a platform for removal.

Wille 375 with loader up

Finish up the task at one go

Wille’s work attachments can be connected to the front or to the rear and on top of the motor hood. You can connect all of the attachments needed in multiple stages to Wille at the same time: sprinkle the road while brushing it, and keep up to 10 times more water on the motor hood than you can carry in a mere wash tank. Plough, spread sand and fill up the sand spreader from a platform during the same journey. You can save both time and fuel, as there is no need to return to replace the attachments or to fill up the tanks in the middle of your task.

Wille has 3 places for Work attachments to be used simultaneously

Easy access to the engine compartment

To make it easier for you to check the liquids of the engine compartment or to service your Wille, our machines come with an entirely new, wholly opening motor hood. It can be slid open and lifted off from its position, when necessary. After the service, the motor hood is just as easy to slide back in its place. Easy access to the engine compartment shortens the time spent on the service and checks and frees time for productive work.

Wille 375 with engine cover removed

Advanced Controllability

Smart Drive is a more ergonomic option for the creeping pedal. In Smart Drive, the accelerator is programmed to turn into a drive pedal, when the hand throttle is activated. You can set the engine’s speed of rotation according to the needs of the attachment and use the drive pedal for accurate control of the driving speed. In this way the attachment works continuously in an optimum state irrespective of your driving speed.


Smartly Economic

Wille 375 has Automatic Eco Drive as standard feature, which reduces fuel consumption and noise. It adjusts the rotation of the engine automatically to the area of the best utility ratio when there is no need for high rotation. As a result, fuel consumption and emissions are considerably lower. The benefit is at its greatest when travelling between locations.

Automatic Eco Drive