The zoom plow has been made for plowing both narrow and large areas and for pushing of snow. The plow can be hydraulically extended on both sides, which allows you to adjust the plow width to the area to be plowed. From the cabin you can steplessly adjust the plowing width, turn the side wings and select on which side the plow pushes the snow. The plowing leaves a clean trace even on uneven surfaces, because the plow floats in vertical direction and tilts sideways thus following the shapes of the terrain. The adjustable wings contain safety valves which minimize the damage in potential collisions.


  • flat and web blades as options
  • The plough is equipped with a spring device which protects the plough, the machine and the operator in a collision
  • Supports for storing
  • Requires electric readiness from the machine
  Min. working width (mm) Max. working width (mm) turning angle +/- Weight (kg) Wille
Zoom plow 250 1350 2469 31° 350 265, 365
Zoom plow 290 1740 2910 31° 630 465