The access platform, specially designed for Wille, makes it possible to carry out a variety of maintenance work.

All the movements can be operated safely from the platform, so there is no need for another driver. The unit is equipped with hydraulic  support outrigg. It is approved for use with Wille 365 - 865 models. The attachment is connected to the rear lift of the base machine.

  Wille 9 Access platform
Working height (mm) 8800
Platform floor from the ground (mm) 6800
Outreach to the side (mm) 5700
Swing angle of the boom (degrees) ±70º
Platform load (kg) 120 (1 person + 40)
Platform dimensions (mm) 820 x 740
Weight (kg) 720
Compatibility 375-875 (*

*) Attachment compatibility requires separately sold optional features in the base machine.